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Event Support Services

Venue Selection

Venue Selection

Your event location needs to support your program's goals and objectives. From the city to the actual venue, we will determine the best possible site to host your event. Taking into account your audience, projected attendance, technological needs, budget, and timeline, we will locate, negotiate, and secure the venue that will best suit your needs. AetherQuest Solutions, Inc. will help identity your ideal location and venue by:

  • Conducting in-person, comprehensive site-inspections of the shortlisted venue(s).
  • Providing an assessment report to the clients evaluating the venue's suitability for the event.
  • Negotiating the venue contract for your group.

Request For Proposal (RFP) from Venues

A detailed and comprehensive RFP will help communicate your event specifications, requirements, interests, and expectations. AQS routinely assists our clients with writing the RFP and in evaluating a site's ability to meet the requirements by:

  • Researching areas and venues that meet your event goals.
  • Drafting RFPs and event specification guides based on our client's wants and needs.
  • Distributing RFPs to the desired properties or areas.
  • Monitoring and evaluating incoming venue responses.
  • Identifying potential venues to ensure adequate meeting space, quality and amenities, sleeping room pattern, catering requirements, convenience of travel and cost, etc.
  • Shortlisting venues and submitting recommendations to our client.

Site Assessment & Selection

AQS will conduct in-person visits to the shortlisted properties for your event. Seeing the facilities firsthand and meeting their staff personally can prove invaluable to a site assessment and will aid the final decision for which venue will host your event. On behalf of our clients, AQS conducts:

  • Physical site inspection to shortlisted venue(s) to ensure they fit client needs and are ideal for the event.
  • Detailed site inspection checklists for proper assessment.
  • Analysis and recommendations to the client.

Venue Contract Negotiation

After selecting a venue, negotiating the proper wants and needs for your group can be tricky. Attrition, cancelation, minimums, insurances, liability, and indemnification can make your head spin. We can negotiate your contracts with hotels, venues, and vendors to ensure they meet your group's needs while protecting your organization. On your behalf, AQS will engage discussions on a variety of contract terms including, but not limited to:

  • Sleeping room rates
  • Meeting room rental
  • Concessions
  • F&B pricing
  • Audio-visual rates
  • Attrition
  • Room auditing
  • Ancillary spending
  • No walk clauses
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