Event Management Software

Call for Papers & Speaker Management

Call for Papers

Collect, vote, email, and report on proposals through IPReg’s user-friendly Call for Papers process. Using a 5-star rating system, reviewers can quickly give feedback on a potential speaker’s proposal. File and abstracts can be quickly revised and uploaded for speakers and voted on separately.

  • Potential speakers can submit proposals online and create profiles. Managers can review, vote, and approve submitted proposals.
  • Potential speakers can upload files, and revise abstracts while keeping track of revision history, statuses, and ranking.
  • One or two Call-For-Papers processes.

Speaker Management

Speaker registration is simplified and includes quick and easy email communications, file uploading, task management, and personnel registration all in one neat package.

  • Speakers can register themselves and personnel, receive email, upload files, and manage tasks, quickly and easily in a single online module.

Session Management

Utilize integrated one or two phase Call for Papers while also managing speakers and sessions in a seamless, fully customizable process with IPReg.

  • Provide information on speaker tasks and enable speakers to provide follow up via online interface.
  • File upload and abstract revision history with approval statuses available to speakers.
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