Online Exhibitor Registration

Online Exhibitor Registration

With our user-friendly, online exhibitor registration system IPReg, your exhibitors will experience online package selection, booth staff registration, interactive booth selection, instant payment processing, and company description and logo upload functionality. You, on the other hand, will enjoy, the financial reporting features of the software's financial management tools, and numerous other back-end administrative tools including tasks and inventory controls.

Highlights of our online, interactive Exhibitor Management System are:

For Your Exhibitors

Logo/Description Upload
Exhibitors can quickly and easily upload their company's logo and descriptions online, either during the registration process or logging back into their existing exhibitor profile, for print or web display.

Task Items
Exhibitors can complete tasks assigned by show management (e.g. request for materials) readily online in their exhibitor profile.

Interactive Booth Selector
Our interactive exhibit booth selection allows exhibitors to reserve their booth online during the registration process. Exhibitors can see the location, size, and proximity of their booths to their competitors and potential clients.

Expo Personnel Registration
Exhibitors may register booth personnel through a simplified online exhibit staff registration form. In their exhibitor portal, they can view and edit all booth staff registered.

For Our Clients

Inventory Control
Our interactive Exhibitor Management System allows you to monitor your booths' status, ancillary items, and availability of exhibitor or sponsor packages all in one easy place.

Task Items
As part of the back-end functionality, you will be able to add and edit tasks. You can also inform exhibitor primary contacts of assigned tasks that need to be completed for the event. Tasks may include uploading pertinent company information, profile data, logos, etc.

Interactive Booth Selector
Our online booth selector allows you to mark up your exhibitor floor plan to display a variety of exhibit hall elements; e.g. color-coding your exhibit hall floor plan makes it easy to identify feature areas, and which booths are available, sold, or reserved for a specific exhibitor type.

Exhibitor Website Pull
IPReg's integrated web services will show you real-time exhibitor data, such as company description, url, booth number, and logo, on informational websites.

Financial Reporting
Stay on top of your budget with customizable, detailed IPReg reports of your exhibitor and sponsor sales.

  • Track received payments and process refunds or ad hoc charges as needed.
  • Distribute funds into multiple accounts.
  • Capture the health of your event's finances using our comprehensive financial reporting, including projected revenue and at-a-glance counts in the dashboard.
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