On-site Check-In Registration

On-site Check-In Registration

With our efficient check-in processes, we can check-in any number of attendees quickly and smoothly.

Onsite Registration Area Layout, Setup, and Staffing
AetherQuest Solutions, Inc. will help you manage your on-site check-in process by:

  • Advising on the types and numbers of on-site registration counters needed for a successful check-in process.
  • Assisting with on-site registration setup, training support staff, and managing on-site registration.
  • Process walk-in registrations.

Self Check-In
As part of our on-site support, we are able to design a self check-in process that allows attendees to check-in using a registration email address. The attendee-facing computers are outfitted with customized landing pages that direct attendees through the check-in process.

Badge Printing on Demand
With on-site check-in, badges can be printed immediately from a nearby printer and distributed to attendees with additional collateral. On-demand badge printing can be used in conjunction with self check-in but is not required. Badges are designed with event specific branding and can include 1D or 2D bar codes used for attendee tracking and lead retrieval.

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