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Registration Software

Customize, collect, and manage registration data for your registrants, exhibitors, and sponsors with IPReg, our online registration software. The ease of use for managers and registrants ensures your event will have an increase in completed registrations and accurate registration data.

  • Registration data collection: Collect critical standard and customized registrant profile information directly into the system through a stylized online page. 24/7-365, always live, no need to close registration or switch to paper form registrations
  • Flexible registration paths, custom questions, and integration: Implement customized questions and allow registrants to follow tailored paths according to data provided during the registration process. This saves the registrant time and limits the amount of Save for Later registrations that never get completed.
    • Unlimited landing pages
    • Flexible paths based on nearly every field
    • Guest registration including activities and events
  • Flexible registration pricing: Flat rate and flexible registration pricing based on registration dates, types, tickets, packages, and various other criteria.
    • Promo Codes
  • Individual and group registrations
    • Single credit card charge
    • Charge one card multiple times
  • ‘Save For Later’ option: Online registration with option to “Save For Later” where a registrant can login using their email address and password.
    • Convenient for attendees
    • Unique marketing opportunity
    • Hot leads
  • Secure online payment processing: Registrant’s payment information is quickly, accurately, and securely processed with the highest security measures.
  • Multiple languages and currency support
    • Public portals support multiple languages and currencies
    • Support for foreign currencies based on payment processor
  • Registration email communication: Create and send automated emails and scheduled bulk emails to be delivered any time, any day, to anyone.
    • Personalized invitations, confirmation and update emails
    • Customizable email templates
    • Rich text editor
  • Session management: Workshops, sessions and tracks with optional capacity control to help you manage room arrangement, attendance, and much more.
    • Can be included in registration fee
    • Optional charge for one-off
  • Manage auxiliary event registration
    • Activities and events
    • Select from a group of events or multiple events
    • Capacity controlled
    • Paid or free events
    • Guest allowed to events


  • Flexible reports, customizations and integration: Utilize pre-existing reports for at-a-glance and in-depth data analysis, or easily create customized reports that display exactly what you want to see. Share custom reports with only those who need it most.
  • Financial reports: Detailed financial reports are grouped according to a variety of criteria and provide drill-down functionality so that you can access overview and detailed information as it is updated in real-time.
  • Registration statistics dashboard: For quick reference to financial, registration, check-in, and other data records, the dashboard provides managers real-time data in an easy to read format.
    • Quick-links to Totals by category
    • Make visible or hide with one click
    • Customizable - choose only what you want and order any way you prefer
    • Breadcrumb trail of seach history, quickly refer back to a previous screen with one click

Admin Features

  • Data Quality control function
    • Quick and easy way to review and edit the registration data
    • Quality control reports
  • Multi-level user access to admin utility
    • Unlimited Groups
    • Unlimited Users
    • Field, report and function level permissions by admin group
  • Individual admin user preferences
    • Default report to display on log-in
    • Results per page for reporting
    • Number of history items to show
    • Customize dashboard items to display
    • Time zone support
  • Substitutions while retaining original registrants’ information
    • The substitution function in IPReg allows to retain the original registrants information, while changing the attendee name, record the change and any substitution fees that may apply.
  • Mass update attendee records: Update multiple registrations at once
  • Data Quality control function
    • Quick and easy way to review and edit the registration data/ Quality control reports
  • Event copying: Create copies of former events that can be used for new events. Modify the unique information, including, dates, venue, and fees and keep all of the original information in place.
    • Only necessary to update with current information
    • Add, delete and modify site configuration as needed
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