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Event Support Services

Cyber Cafe & Internet Kiosk

Cyber Cafés and Kiosks provide attendees with the opportunity to keep their businesses running while attending your conference. With the Cyber Cafe and Kiosks you add impressive features to your conference without the added fees.

Cyber Café

A Cyber Café is a space sectioned off in the expo area outfitted with the latest in wireless technology, available for attendees to quickly access the web using their own Wi-Fi enabled devices. The arrangement, furniture, and style of the Cyber Café area is designed to match the atmosphere of your event. The space can be utilized as a networking lounge for attendees wishing to speak more directly with potential business associates.


Kiosks operate as a stand-alone area equipped with computers for navigating the Internet. A Kiosk may be stationed in the same area as a Cyber Café or can be placed in a separate area of the event space. Functioning as a high-tech convenience, Kiosks offer attendees access to the web while serving as an additional opportunity for branding and advertising. The advantage of featuring a Kiosk as part of your event is that it practically pays for itself. There are several opportunities for sponsorships from interface design with company logo and information to screen savers and more.

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