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Integrated Event Support & Registration Services

Integrated Event Support, Registration & Creative Services

AetherQuest Solutions provides support services for conferences and events, worldwide. We have built a reputation as an innovative company that provides focused, cost-effective and value-added solutions. A company that is unique in the event industry.

What makes AQS unique?
It all starts with our vision and approach. Whereas most event companies focus on logistics, we know that events are about one thing: information. Our vision is built upon our belief that the most important aspects of an event are centered around the creation, collection and dissemination of information and content. The logistical and other aspects of an event are supportive of the information management mission.

As we entered the market, we primarily served as a programmatic CIO for event management teams across the country. This not only allowed us to provide our customers with our expertise in Information Management best practices, it also allowed us to learn the challenges our clients faced.

Our Event Management Software, IPReg, was built from the ground up to minimize those challenges and the need for multiple vendors and technology solutions. To that end, IPReg offers a comprehensive suite of functions: from basic registration processes to financial management and robust reporting, exhibitor and sponsor coordination to speaker management and agenda development, invitation management to housing and travel – all in one system. IPReg provides services that are truly integrated and processes that are seamless. Ultimately, the AQS client enjoys a smooth, efficient program, and significant cost control.

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